Struggling to find meaning? Discover your true life purpose beyond the mind…
4 May

Struggling to find meaning? Discover your true life purpose beyond the mind…

Are you struggling to find meaning in life? In a world full of distractions, noise, and uncertainties, it’s easy to lose sight of our true purpose. Yet, to find true meaning, we must embark upon a spiritual journey of self-discovery to find the dimension of being beyond the mind.

We all want to discover our life’s true purpose. Unfortunately, most of us have no idea where to start. Thus, we often give up on discovering it because we don’t know where to begin to find it. However, it is possible for us to learn to live our lives with greater meaning and purpose. Know that life’s real purpose has nothing to do with a career, a job, nor the world outside.

Why Life Purpose Matters…

Life’s purpose is all about living an authentic life by discovering it for ourselves. In this article, we’re going to learn how to do just that. It’s our responsibility to discover what “meaning” is for us. For most, finding meaning is quite challenging. In fact, research tells us that most have no clue.

Research shows us that when we have a greater sense of purpose and direction, our overall well-being is improved. With a strong sense of meaning, we are more resilient in the face of adversity and tend to experience great happiness and satisfaction. Without meaning and purpose, we feel disconnected from ourselves and the world…because we are. In this place, we’re living our life without rather than within. Know that we won’t find it outside ourselves, in the world nor in things we collect along the way.

 “Whenever you become anxious or stressed, outer purpose has taken over, and you’ve lost sight of your inner purpose.” ~Eckhart Tolle

Defining Life Purpose…

Life purpose can be described as an aim that serves and inspires us towards what’s most meaningful. Our real purpose is to reconnect back to our true authentic self. Embracing life’s real purpose and its direction is key to experiencing a meaningful life.

Knowing our real purpose also gives us a path to follow, and course of action…that leads us to a heightened understanding of ourselves. This personal and spiritual growth fosters a powerful sense of fulfillment and connection. It’s the process of discovering our true nature. In essence, life’s purpose is living an authentic, spiritually conscious life.

In contrast, our false ego self and its unconscious state of mind consumes 95% of our life with unproductive thoughts, emotions, and behavior. However, when we quiet our mind, we discover our true self. This is how we reclaim our authority and return to what’s most meaningful.

Living a Life of Purpose and Meaning…

To live in our natural state, we must discover our true being, by finding the dimension of being…beyond our thought activity. Our natural inner state of being is naturally happy and at peace. It’s the place of rest and stability we’re seeking.

As a result of our conditioning, we’ve been living a psychological life lost in thought. Unfortunately, most of us live a life in survival mode. We spend our lives trying to get through life by competing and comparing rather than enjoying life.

When we wake up out of this unconscious psychological life in the mind, we experience the truth and reality that’s always been here. Notice, inner peace, freedom, and happiness aren’t dependent on the world. Instead, they’re available inside us all the time.

In fact, our inner state of being should never depend on anything outside us, such as the world, thoughts, or things. No one and nothing should ever have the power to determine our inner state. Healthy personal boundaries inside and out help us reclaim our authority needed to return home. We should never trade away our inner peace in pursuit of what the world claims should be “more, different and better”.

In this unstable and challenging place, we’re missing what’s available already because we aren’t focused on ourselves and at the same time we’re distracted from what matters most. Thus, we often don’t even know what means the most to us. We’re so busy getting through life we miss it.

However, when we get to know who we truly are, we not only make a positive impact on our lives, but we offer a meaningful contribution to the world. Yes, when we’re more spiritually conscious, living as our true self, we’re better off, and the world is better off too. Our heightened awareness elevates the entire universe.

Marianne Williamson tells us “As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others!”

Unless we correct our mistaken belief of who we are, we’ll never be able to experience our greatest desire because the psychological life of the ego isn’t real. So, what makes life worthwhile is learning how to stay in this undisturbed state of being that is real. This process of discovery reveals the truth. As we move beyond thoughts, beliefs, and life situations, which are mind-generated, we live in our natural state which is stable, satisfied, and free.

How We Lost Life’s Meaning…

We’re getting in our own way. We’re in the habit of experiencing fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the unknown, and more.  We put ourselves in a prison-like state of mind. This psychological life holds us back from living our authentic life of inner peace and joy.

Instead of being paralyzed by the “what if’s”, we can confront this voice of fear and doubt. Yes, we can turn the table on it and shine a light there. This is how to discover our deepest insecurities that liberate us and unlock our greatest desires. Fear ends when we are aware enough to recognize the narrative in the mind and expose its deception. Notice, it’s only a habit.

For most of us, we’ve been conditioned to live in past and future thoughts. Unfortunately, we’re unaware that we’re chasing peace and satisfaction that’s already here. We’ve been tricked into living the ego’s life and too often end up on someone else’s path. But notice, we don’t have to settle. The ego’s life is in a survival mode, trying to get through life, the day, the work week, or life situations until death rather than enjoying “being” life itself. As a result, meaning is lost in seeking a future destination that’s never here now.

Living a life in the mind, where we compete and compare everything we do is a dangerous path that distracts us from our own unique and evolving journey. Most are lost in this spiritually unconscious place. Know this for sure, it’s our responsibility to awaken out of this separateness that’s created in the mind. What’s real is found within our being and beyond the mind. So, if we want to find what’s missing in our life, we must stop seeking our purpose outside ourselves.

Practicing mindfulness, i.e., quieting our mind, is a powerful tool for discovering true meaning in life and aligning us with our true self. In turn, it reveals our true purpose. It gives us a greater sense of purpose and the behavior that connects us to positive outcomes. All this is done through self-discovery. Mindfulness cultivates a greater sense of awareness of our thoughts, emotions, and actions. We learn that every moment holds great significance. Yes, it connects us to meaning, enhances happiness, and reduces anxiety and depression.

Applying What We’ve Learned…

Remember, all problems are created in the mind and that’s where they live. When our attention is on them, it drains our power and fuels what’s false. To be free from suffering, we must witness our thoughts and investigate them to learn not to believe them so we can let them go. Thus, instead of believing and following them, we question all thoughts to neutralize them. We can learn to accept what is and redirect our attention to what’s real.

Recognize that your attention is energy, so don’t feed these distractions anymore. This is how we break free from the ego mind and its psychological life to live in inner peace all the time. Notice…belief is not needed here. Instead, the truth is what we can know.

As we practice meditation, we learn to recognize the voice of fear and doubt. It’s the ego’s self-talk running through our mind with negative thoughts and false beliefs that can make life miserable. Once we recognize it, and redirect our attention, our body can relax. This is how we can experience our real self beyond the chaos. We must get to know ourselves by listening to the dialogue of fear and doubt and not engage. Yes, meditation retrains our mind and our power of attention. We can be free instead.

So, don’t play tug-of-war with the ego. Stop resisting and surrender instead. Yes…drop your end of the rope. When we no longer engage nor resist the way things are and instead recognize and accept the reality here now, it’s game over. Our suffering ends.

Here’s the good news. Our meaningful purpose dwells just beneath the surface, in our conscious awareness and it can be discovered quickly. It’s here all the time, hidden by our busy mind. Just like when the clouds block the sky. It’s still there, just hidden.

Remember, true liberation and fulfillment come from within. We find and free ourselves when we recognize the joy that is already here in the stillness of who we truly are. Surrendering leads us back home.

So, don’t forget to make time to do your inquiry work, i.e., question your thoughts and beliefs to know the truth. It’s your job and your life purpose to break free by overcoming the separateness created in the mind. Let go and look inward. Your true self is inside.

Be patient with yourself as you grow and proud of how far you’ve come. It takes great courage to do this inner work. Please return here next month for my next blog and consider sharing this blog with someone else. It may be exactly what they needed to hear.

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