Breaking Free from the Ego: A Course in Finding and Freeing Yourself

The Breaking Free Process Trina offers in this book helps readers recover their true authentic self as they learn to overcome the obstacles and negativity we often face in life. In her work, she teaches people how to gain authority over their lives by recognizing, neutralizing, and moving beyond the conditioned unconsciousness experienced through the ego’s voice of fear and doubt. This is how we interrupt the old negative patterns that prevent us from experiencing real joy. According to Trina, all of life’s problems are created in the mind—yet the solution is found beyond the mind.

Yes, this book will help you learn how to overcome negative thoughts, challenging emotions, and reactive behavior that holds you back.

“When we learn how to quiet our mind by getting to know exactly who we are, we can connect to the consciousness of our true inner self that transcends the spiritually unconscious, split mind of the false ego self. This is where we break free to live in a state of inner peace all the time.”

~ Trina Carroll-Houk


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Trina Carroll-Houk is a spiritual teacher, counselor, author, and founder of Breaking Free Boundaries, LLC who specializes in self-awareness, mindfulness, and the spiritual dimension of being. Her goal is to help people improve their quality of life so they can experience inner peace, meaningful purpose, and fulfillment. Because of her own personal experience of great loss, growth, and recovery, she shares the process she went through in a course she developed and published in Breaking Free from the Ego: A Course in Finding and Freeing Yourself.

In this course, Trina uses personal inner and outer boundaries as a tool to teach people how to free themselves from a split existence in which most of us live our lives. It’s her greatest desire that others will also discover their true identity, learn how to live in inner peace, as well as break free from the pain and suffering that holds them back from reclaiming the abundant life that’s waiting for them now.