I empower individuals to break free from what's holding them back so they can live their highest calling.

Breaking Free Boundaries

Trina Carroll-Houk – I’m a Spiritual Teacher & Counselor

As the founder of Breaking Free Boundaries, LLC, I’m a spiritual teacher, counselor, & author who is committed to empowering individuals like you to break free from beliefs and situations that are holding you back.

I’ve spent years developing the skill and writing the “Breaking Free Process” for my clients. By teaching the path to breaking free from what is holding them back, I am helping people overcome false & limiting beliefs, develop healthier self-esteem, and gain authority in their lives.

When I was growing up, I never learned who I was, how to be separate from others or beliefs that weren’t serving me and my well-being. I had little understanding of ownership or responsibility for my life much less authority over specific areas to protect such as my: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Saying yes was a “learned” way of life for me. I spend much of my life living through other people and things, trying to measure up, and not feeling good enough nor free to live my own life.

Later in life, I worked as an economics instructor at the college level. As a former economics educator, I’m acutely aware of the trade-offs we must make and the costs we choose to incur as a result. As the years passed, I started realizing how great the cost really was. Because my learned way of life came at a high price, I stopped being willing to sacrifice my sense of self. It was hard taking the steps required in order to change my life, but I took action and so can you.

Realizing that I was being governed by false beliefs gave me the courage I needed to break free from unhealthy attachments & identities to people, problems, and things. These attachments were holding me back from creating my best life as a healthy, whole, clearly defined person. Today I live the life that was intended for me and I’d love to help you do the same.


“Breaking Free from Negative thoughts & False Beliefs is the path to PERSONAL FREEDOM AND INNER GROWTH that can significantly improve relationships with yourself, others & things in life.”


When I started growing my practice in 2010, I realized my clients were experiencing the same false beliefs that had kept me miserable. Just like me, a weakened sense of identity, unhealthy personal boundaries, guilt, and an inability to say no to themselves & others were holding them back from living their best life. As they worked through the Breaking Free Boundaries process, they started achieving their goals and dreams that created a path for them to do their own unique work in the world with amazing results.


Are You Ready to Break Free?

What about you? Are you stuck? Is there something holding you back? My practice is based on supporting clients in their goal-setting, personal inner growth, and behavior changes needed to break free. We begin by determining personal goals, line up priorities, and setting-up action steps. In addition, we establish accountability, monitor progress, course correct during set-backs or relapses, as well as make a plan to maintain results.

If you are ready to take control and learn practical systems for making healthier choices for yourself, I invite to contact me and let’s discuss how I can help you change your life for the better. I know from personal experience that it is so hard to do it alone and you don’t have to. I offer a calm, safe, and confidential space where you can speak your truth without guilt or judgment.

If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, unappreciated, not enough, or just fed up with a life that doesn’t feel yours, please Contact Me today to set up a safe, confidential consultation.

As the founder of Breaking Free Boundaries, LLC, I offer services and products to support personal & spiritual growth and development primarily in the areas of:

Mindfulness • Self-Awareness • Relationships • Conscious Awareness • Personal Boundaries • Codependency • Self-Esteem • Recovery • Divorce • Work-Life Balance • Spirituality • Women’s Issues • Life Purpose

I’m an educator, trainer, counselor, and board certified master life coach. I started my practice in 2010 with the mission of empowering individuals to break free from what’s holding them back. We all deserve to reach our highest calling to do our own unique work in the world.

My practice is safe, confidential, and focused on providing clients like you with personal development opportunities to build greater self-awareness. Clients experience many benefits, including:

  • Finding a path for positive change
  • Experiencing a shift in thinking & awareness
  • Creating positive new habits
  • Developing more loving relationships
  • Building a lifetime of personal freedom
  • Achieving inner peace, purpose, & fulfillment

Learn more about my unique approach to achieving a more fulfilling life by visiting my Services page or Contact Me today to set up a safe, confidential, consultation.

As a Spiritual Teacher, Counselor, & author, as well as a Board, Certified Master Life Coach, I specialize in teaching people how to break free from the false and limiting beliefs so they can live a more authentic life. When clients remove insecurities, fears, guilt, etc. that are holding them back, they begin to live in accordance with their highest calling. I am a professional with years of practical experience including:

  • University Instructor at leading universities
  • Founder of Breaking Free Boundaries, LLC spiritual counseling & education in mindfulness
  • Author of the book“Breaking Free from the Ego: A Course in Finding and Freeing Yourself”
  • Licensed Educator with the states of Florida & Georgia
  • Education Consultant
  • Past founder of a personal counseling, training & life coaching practice (Certified 2009, Board Certified 2014)

In 2010, I founded my practice. Breaking Free Boundaries, LLC practice for individuals, specializing in:

Mindfulness •Self-Awareness • Relationships • Conscious Awareness • Personal Boundaries • Codependency • Self-Esteem • Recovery • Divorce • Work-Life Balance • Spirituality • Women’s Issues • Life Purpose

I use my expertise to teach my clients how to develop their own unique inner guidelines with my proprietary “Breaking-Free” process. My services offer individual sessions, a 6-week plan, and a 6-month Breaking Free course emphasizing the release of negative thoughts, challenging emotions, & reactive behaviors that keep you from being your most authentic self.

Learn more about my unique approach to living a life that is designed for you by visiting my Services page or Contact Me today to set up a safe, confidential, consultation. Isn’t it time to break free from what’s holding you back?