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Breaking Free from the Ego: A Course in Finding and Freeing Yourself





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Inner Peace & Freedom

Start your journey of inner work to break free from the ego mind.


What you’ll learn…

· Quiet the Busy Mind

Do your thoughts and emotions control your life? Are you stuck, overwhelmed, or stressed?

· Neutralize the Pain & Suffering

Learn to overcome negative thoughts, challenging emotions, and reactive behavior.

· Move Beyond the Voice of Fear & Doubt

Isn’t it time to do something different? There is another way to live…

without suffering, without dependency, without the voice of fear and doubt.

Discover the secret to happiness and fulfillment…

The key to end suffering and unhappiness is to break free from the busy mind. This course focuses on how you can gain authority over your life by learning how to quiet your mind. You will learn how to recognize, neutralize, and move beyond the voice of fear and doubt. All problems are created in the mind. Unfortunately, most people live life in their mind rather than experience life itself. This is where our suffering originates. The purpose here is to teach you how to live in inner peace all the time.

Course curriculum…

Chapter 1 – You are not who you “think” you are
Chapter 2 – Personal Boundaries
Chapter 3 – Breaking Free Process and the Pyramid Model
Chapter 4 – Our Origin, Separation, and the Split Self
Chapter 5 – Recognizing and Knowing the True Spiritual Self
Chapter 6 – Recognizing and Knowing the False Ego Self
Chapter 7 – Resisting Reality

Chapter 8 – Understanding Thought
Chapter 9 – The Busy Mind
Chapter 10 – Inner Pain and Suffering
Chapter 11 – Loving Yourself
Chapter 12 – Applying Key Practices in the BF Process
Chapter 13 – Awakening to Reality
Chapter 14 – Paradise Regained

About this Course…

“This course opens the door to a life of freedom, clarity, and inner peace.”

Price: $197

180+ Course Components

    • Course Introduction
    • Chapter Content Overview (14)
    • Chapter Lessons (40)
    • Growth Opportunity Exercises (60)
    • Key Questions and Answer Key for Lessons (40)
    • Key Concepts for Chapters (14)
    • Key Concepts Exercises and Answers for Chapters (14)
    • Figures & Diagrams
    • 12 Key Practices

Learn from the best…

Read more about Mindfulness expert instructor:

Spiritual Teacher, Counselor, Author, & Founder of her Practice:
Breaking Free Boundaries
Trina Carroll-Houk

Message from Trina:

Hello and welcome to Breaking Free. My name is Trina, and I’m your course instructor. As a spiritual teacher and counselor, I specialize in personal and spiritual self-awareness to help people overcome unnecessary suffering caused by our identification in the mind with the false ego self. This is the cause of many of the health issues we face today.

My greatest desire is for you to discover your true identity, learn to live in inner peace, and break free from the pain and suffering that hold you back from reclaiming the abundant life that’s waiting for you now. This online course provides greater access to the content shared in my book as well as simplifies the process while also expanding the potential for greater inner growth.

Trina’s professional experience primarily comes from serving as an instructor at leading universities, a spiritual teacher and counselor in her practice, as well as a teacher in public schools. Because of her own personal experience of great loss, growth, and recovery, she shares the process she went through in a course she developed and published in “Breaking Free from the Ego: A Course in Finding and Freeing Yourself.” In this course, Trina uses personal inner and outer boundaries as a tool to teach people how to free themselves from a split existence in which most of us live our lives.

Trina Carroll-Houk is a Spiritual Teacher, Counselor & Author who specializes in mindfulness in her practice Breaking Free Boundaries and on online platforms. Trina’s goal is to help people improve their quality of life so they can experience inner peace, meaningful purpose, and fulfillment. She represents a focus on helping people release what limits them from living at a higher state of spiritual consciousness. In the course she has developed, she will teach you how to overcome obstacles to living an extraordinary life. Trina has a private practice in Largo, Florida, where she offers individual and group sessions. Visit her on the web at:

What people are saying…

How to Break free from me and experience the moment…Trina teaches how to retrain and refocus the negative thinking pattern and break the cycle. She explains and teaches how to have boundaries with our inner self as well as with others to protect ourselves. She offers key practical exercises to do this. In putting these steps into practice, I have been able to get out of my head.


Amazing Book! Full of wisdom and easy to read!


Amazing book to teach you how you too can have inner peace and freedom from the ego. Learn to break the cycle, live in the moment, enjoy the moment and have that spiritual connection with God. Take care of your inner self, you too can have inner peace.


If You Want Inner Peace… Take This Course! If you’re experiencing stress, depression, anxiety, unhappiness, dis-ease, or a great loss in your life, you should definitely read this book. To heal, Trina shares how to quiet the mind to overcome obstacles and negative thoughts we experience every day in normal life situations. She teaches us another way to live…without suffering, without dependency, without the voice of fear and doubt. That’s exactly what most people are seeking today, especially during the challenging times we’ve been experiencing the last two years.


Informative and Inspiring- Trina calls out the issue of dependency and clarifies it as an ego issue. She then goes on to give examples and tools to assist in recognizing the ego and how it can take over our perception of life. In Chapter 8, Understanding Thought, she explains the four levels of thought and how they can work against us and how we can instead make them work for us by as she calls it “widening the gap” — highly useful and much needed in our world today.

Tracey Kern

Hope is knowing that we can transcend our suffering and live in true inner peace. Socrates said “know thy self” and Trina says in “Breaking Free from the Ego” that we’re not who we think we are. This author teaches us how to move from the false self (the suffering self) to our true authentic self. This is a journey we should all take.

Terry Collier

Course bonuses…

Along with the course, enjoy full access to:

Supplemental Resources

Additional 140+ supplemental resources added to support your work through the 16 Chapters & 40 essential lessons.

  • Course Introduction
  •  Chapter Content Overview for each Lesson
  •  Growth Opportunity Exercises Throughout Course
  •  Key Questions & Answer Key for each Lesson
  •  Key Concepts, Exercises, & Answer Key for each Chapter
  •  Key Practices
  •  Figures & Diagrams

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Author: Trina Carroll-Houk