I don’t know where I would be today if I hadn’t met Trina when I did. Time with her has been an amazing journey of self-discovery, personal & spiritual growth. In all my years, nothing has provided the growth that has taken place with Trina’s guidance. She is joyful, passionate, and inspiring. Her inner peace and joy is what led me to contact her for my personal challenges. I had recently been confronted with losses and personal challenges that literally cracked my foundation and faith in myself. I had “lost myself” in the process. During my time with Trina, I learned how to forgive myself and to take responsibility for myself, knowing no one was “going to save me”. Perhaps one of the most valuable part of my growth was learning how to accept “what is” even if it seemed unacceptable or unbearable, so I could move forward. Equally valuable was gaining the ability to love people no matter what, yet not lose myself in the process. She taught me how to see things differently, so I could have a new perspective on things that had been holding me back for so long. Trina provided a step by step practice to inner peace. She is very organized, thorough and logical in her teaching approach. Her handouts are thought-provoking and stimulating. They inspired me to reflect on my personal issues that set into motion a vehicle for self-reflection and growth. Trina held me accountable for doing my inner work between sessions to ensure change. That made a huge difference for me because her sessions are about application & change and not just conversation. Trina was even able to provide FaceTime & Skype sessions that have proven invaluable. I would highly recommend Trina to anyone who is genuinely seeking personal & spiritual growth, freedom, and inner peace.
Renee L. Renee L.
Let me tell you how my time with Trina has changed my life. I came to her at a time when I was going through a significant change in my life and needed much support. My greatest need was inner peace and a solid foundation in who I was. Her course and supplemental materials where just what I needed. Trina is non-judgmental, compassionate, and down to earth. I was able to relate to Trina and her story. It gave me hope and a greater understanding of my own situation. The course materials she developed taught me how to use my experiences to grow and heal. Because of her work with me, I’m prepared for other life challenges that lay ahead. I’m still a work in progress, but I’ve achieved so much. I’ve learned how to recognize and overcome obstacles, so they don’t take me over anymore. I am thankful to say, I have grown to a place of knowing, where I’m clear on who I am and my inner authority. I recommend Trina to anyone who is ready for personal growth. If you feel stuck, fear, doubt or attached to something or someone in your life, give her a call. You’ll be so glad you did
Ava B. Ava B.
When I came to Trina, I needed growth at a deeper level than what I had experienced in the past.  I knew I needed someone who would teach me the skills and strategies that would move me forward.  I had no understanding of personal boundaries or how foundational they would be to build healthy relationships (especially with myself).  I gained insight into my behaviors that were holding me back and hindering my growth.  Because she provided a safe and trusting environment, it made it easier to make the progress I needed.  Trina’s unconditional, non-judgment, structured process with true goals to work towards, gave me a light to my path.  This method of learning has been very enlightening and opened up a whole new way for me to live.  To participate in this structured learning process has been invaluable!  It has continued to enrich my personal relationships as well.  Trina has truly been a gift in my life.
Holly C. Holly C.
The referral to Trina, from a trusted friend, gave me the push I needed.  Trina immediately put me at ease, was always kind, empathetic, and non-judgmental. She helped me get on the right path to have healthy relationships; Trina challenged me to reach my goals and held me accountable throughout the process.  Her teaching & coaching has made a positive difference in my life, yet the materials used have been an extra bonus that helped me build a firm foundation. Today I am peaceful and in control of my life with healthy personal boundaries that have real meaning.  Building boundaries has been the most important benefit.  While my recovery is a journey, without taking the first steps with her, I would not have had the opportunity to learn and grow.
Jackie Jackie
Trina has coached me on a regular basis in building healthy relationships with myself, God & others, as well as walked along beside me as I worked though recovery and the 12 steps.  Because of her excellent mentoring and God’s grace, I have been able to improve many other areas in my life that I wanted to change.  She followed up with me and made suggestions and when I encountered challenges, she encouraged me to believe in myself.  Because of my work with Trina, I now have healthy personal boundaries and can claim my own personal responsibilities.  I’ve learned to draw my significance from Christ and live as my authentic self.  I would highly recommend Trina as a teacher, coach, mentor, sponsor & friend.  If you are interested in growing, by making positive choices & changes in your life, allow Trina to walk that path beside you.  I did and I’m grateful to now be living in the freedom God intended.
Deborah Deborah
Trina coached me through many difficult challenges in my life with much care and skill.  Her guidance kept me working on my own personal journey to reach my full potential.  I was able to achieve all my goals that I set out to accomplish and now I’m working on my dreams.  She has been amazing and such a blessing in my life.
Morgan Morgan
During the time Trina has mentored & coached me, I have achieved so many of my personal goals and dreams.  She has helped me find my life purpose and today my walk with God is much closer than ever before.  In spite of the difficulties I’ve faced in my life during the past few years, I am healthier because Trina has encouraged and challenged me to reach beyond what I thought I could achieve alone.  I see Christ’s love in her compassionate approach and what a prayer warrior she is.  I’ve been truly blessed to have had her apart of my life and I consider her a true friend.
Annette Annette
The single most important benefit I achieved during my time with Trina was greater self-esteem.  I learned to love “me” for the person I am.  I was struggling with negative thoughts about myself and comparing myself to others.  I needed to start accepting the person that I am inside and out. I never thought I could look at myself in the mirror and think I was pretty or even think I was special. Trina helped me to see that we are all created equal & in a beautiful way.  The Breaking Free Boundaries program helped me to see the steps I needed, on paper and not just hearing them.  I never left confused. I always understood everything she said.  I am also able to look back on the materials she gave me when needed.  I’ve learned a lot but one of the biggest insight was learning about boundaries and how “I” make “myself” happy, not my husband or “anyone” else.  I want everyone to know I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Trina.  I almost didn’t come to her because of distance but for some reason I decided that didn’t matter. I’m so thankful I did and you will too.
Katrina B. Katrina B.