Do you have a noisy mind?…It just might be ruining your life! Part 2
2 Jun

Do you have a noisy mind?…It just might be ruining your life! Part 2

Do you have a noisy mind? It just might be ruining your life! Would you like an off button for your thoughts?

If so, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do your thoughts have power over you or are you in charge?
  • Are you trapped in mind chatter that keeps you stuck in negativity, judgment, comparison, or rejection?
  • Do you feel afraid, worried, trapped, or out-of-control?
  • Are your thoughts creating unnecessary suffering in your life? Maybe running & ruining it?


Taking “authority” over your thoughts is pretty important to living a happy, fulfilled life.

Remember, your thoughts only hold the power you choose to give them.  You are supposed to be in charge, not your thoughts; so, choose wisely.  Being selective on when and how you use your mind is essential to your well-being.  Yes, you can transcend thoughts by practicing living in presence or state of being i.e., beyond the mind & thoughts.  Once you start observing your thoughts, the awareness you bring to it will slowly dissolve the time you spend in thought.  So, it is possible to be in charge of your mind and its chatter.  You can have an off button to your thoughts and only have thoughts when you desire them.  Learning how to quiet the noise in the mind involves understanding how to live in the present moment. 


Breaking Free Boundaries’ Key Practices can help you build self-awareness and time with yourself in the present moment.  As you apply the practices, you will become more familiar with your 4 boundary resource areas & how they behave.  Healthy boundaries are vital to personal growth and breaking free.  Through meditation, body awareness & breath work, you can learn to spend more time living and experiencing the present moment. 


As you go between thought and presence, you will become more familiar with them.  You can watch the noise come & go.  As you observe, you will be able to come back more easily from thought to now.  Every time you catch yourself going into thought, you learn what it feels like to be away from now…presence.  The goal is to become more self-aware, so as you observe your thoughts, the gap widens between thoughts.  As you practice, the mind slows down and quiets as the gap between thoughts expands.  Hence, you can then retrain and reclaim your authority with greater awareness and practice.


Simple steps toward contentment…..

Try this next time you have a negative thought, conflict, or event occur (short of an emergency):

  1. Don’t resist, interpret, judge, defend, or react to it.  If you do, it will only take you back into thought or in your head again. 
  2. Allow it to be what it is by shifting judgment to observing. 
  3. You may not like what happened or condone it, but you can still accept reality…accept that it’s here.  
  4. Hence, skip the negative part of resisting a thought or event, so you can teach yourself to adapt to what is. 
  5. It is, what it is; so, if there’s something you need to do, you can simple take care of it without the suffering the negativity.

Don’t get discouraged.  I’ve been there too & I can attest that it is possible to quiet the noise.  It just takes practice. 

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