Freedom from life’s challenges is possible.
3 Jan

Freedom from life’s challenges is possible.

Freedom from life’s challenges is possible.

During the past several decades we’ve never been so prosperous, yet so unhealthy and unhappy. More people than ever before are stressed, depressed, and anxiety ridden. In fact, since the outbreak of COVID-19 people around the world are in crisis mode waging a war against the pandemic. Most of us are experiencing some of the greatest challenges we have ever been through. Collectively, we’re facing much fear and uncertainty, death, loss of job or home, social injustices, crime, protestors, financial loss, health concerns, eviction, division like never before, and more.

Regardless of our present life circumstances, we do not have to live at the mercy of these challenges.

Whatever you may be going through in your life right now, know there is hope and light in the darkest of times. Whether we are facing great challenges or not, we do not have to suffer. What most of us are seeking is freedom from the torment of our unconsciousness in the ego mind, i.e., our thoughts.

We can break free from the suffering and live in inner peace all the time.

In fact, our deepest challenges in life often are our greatest opportunities to awaken from the true source of all suffering. Know that disruption in our lives often deepens our growth because it commands that we apply change by stepping out of what’s familiar and comfortable. When we learn to stay conscious, we can transform and transcend our suffering.

We are now at a time of reflection for so many reasons.

So, will heightened anxiety, forced isolation, and stillness be what it’s going to take to get our attention? Will we allow these conditions to create a shift in consciousness that will change the world? As we face these unsettling times, we have more reasons and motivation than ever before to wake up from our unconsciousness. Is this our time to awaken to true spiritual freedom?

The suffering we experience is exactly why breaking free from the pain and dependency the ego creates in our lives is so critical.

In spite of the appearance of great wealth, opportunities, and education we are also living in a time of alarming levels of dependence on things, such as alcohol, drugs, and anti-anxiety medication. This predicament is the result of a life lived through the ego mind.

We’re living in a state of spiritual unconsciousness.

We seek to acquire and accumulate what will never bring us happiness or inner peace. Instead, we must learn to emotionally let go of the mental, emotional, and physical things we’ve collected and gotten attached to along the way in order to break free. Change is vital for our well-being and survival in this evolutionary process and time.

So, consider applying change in your life today.  The following exercise is an opportunity for growth.  

Growth Exercise: Start with a budget for your well-being to balance and align your life in the following eight areas: (1) sleep, (2) exercise, (3) mindful healthy eating, (4) work and/or school, (5) family, friends, and other social connection, (6) fun and recreation, (7) personal growth, and (8) spiritual growth.

For further personal growth, start applying the following pathways to inner peace:

unconditional love, unconditional happiness, unconditional acceptance, unconditional nonresistance, and unconditional nondual living.

This is how you can learn to not place conditions on love, happiness, acceptance, nonresistance, and nondualism. We can accept what is and do what’s needed without the suffering.  This is a powerful inner teacher. Consider working on each one of these areas, one at a time. You will notice that you can learn to be emotionally okay with whatever happens because you are only the observer.

Learn to live in a state of inner agreement to the reality we experience every day. In this way, everything becomes one, where we can experience life as a unified process that naturally flows, with no opposition and all is reconciled. Inner peace is the result because when we’re full, we don’t live in a state of need or desire.

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