All problems are created in the mind… 
11 Oct

All problems are created in the mind… 

Know this for sure…All problems are created in the mind.

Unfortunately, most people live life in their mind rather than experience life itself. This is where our suffering originates. What would it be like to be free from the limitations that keep you stuck? I’ve spent years developing the “Breaking Free Process” for my clients and offering it in my book…

“Breaking Free from the Ego: A Course in Finding and Freeing Yourself”  

The content I offer in this book, blog, and my monthly newsletter will help you open the door to a life of freedom, clarity, and inner peace. As a spiritual teacher and counselor, I specialize in personal and spiritual self-awareness to help people overcome unnecessary suffering caused by our identification with the ego. This is the cause of many health issues we face today. In this book, I offer a process for understanding, supporting, and ultimately diminishing the ego self that split us in half long ago. This separation or disconnection is what causes our feeling of lack and why we experience the feeling of not being good enough. The purpose of this book is to teach you how to break free from what’s holding you back from living a life of inner peace.

What would it be like to overcome the voice of fear and doubt in your mind.

Unfortunately, most people live life in their mind rather than experience life itself. This is where our suffering originates. Do you have trouble saying no, feel stuck, rejected, or stressed? My purpose here is to teach you how to break free from what’s holding you back from living a life of inner peace.

This work will guide you toward living and experiencing your life through the one true spiritual self that is your authentic being. The process encourages growth from the conditioned unconsciousness of the ego self to the unconditioned consciousness of the true self. It’s an evolutionary process of going beyond thought towards a higher dimension of consciousness (i.e., post thought). This is how we become spiritually aware, thus reconnect with the consciousness of God. You will learn how to quiet your mind, so the ego won’t take you over anymore.

This is how we interrupt the ego to live our life in inner peace.

The process and growth opportunity exercises offered in the book will help you learn and apply what’s needed to break free from the egoic mind. Know that the content is a way of pointing to the truth of who you are. Most of us show two sides of our self. Our authentic self is usually more private, while the false ego self is the more public side that’s a mask of fearful protection to cover up and hide the true self. Depending on the circumstances of our personal growth and development, our true self may stay hidden because our false self may not feel safe enough to allow the true self to come out of hiding.

Once we are aware of the ego, we can recognize when the fabricated parts of our self show up and are in charge.

In this way, we can overcome the fear of the false, fabricated self that causes the suffering in our lives by taking authority, transforming and transcending what’s false. Both the true and false self make up our life and our identity. As a result of this split in our identity, we experience pain and suffering in 3 areas that represent the ego: physical, mental, and emotional (e.g., abuse, depression, disease, distress, hardship, mental rumination) that cycle from one to another, often with little relief.

Breaking free from the false parts of our identity is our purpose here on Earth.

Changing your mind, old habits, and conditioning does take commitment, but there’s nothing like the freedom it brings. You must be willing to go beyond the boundaries and limits of the ego self to break free. I challenge you to overcome what’s holding you back from living your highest purpose. Together, let’s forge ahead to make the change we want to see in the world. It begins now.

Growth Opportunity Exercise

Start being more self-aware today by regularly asking yourself the following clarifying questions. Make it a habit. They will help you grow in self-awareness by observing and questioning your thoughts to know what’s true and what’s not. Try it for 21 days and see what happens. Use these four questions to clarify what’s going on in your head so you can return to the present moment. These questions are especially helpful when you face a challenge.

• What am I thinking?

• What am I feeling?

• What do I need?

• How can I get it in a healthy way?

… Then do it.

Taking authority over our thoughts is essential to living a happy, fulfilled life.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog. Please share it with someone else. It may be exactly what they need to hear to be free too. Come back for next month’s blog and…

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About the Author – Trina Carroll-Houk is a spiritual teacher, counselor, and founder of Breaking Free Boundaries, LLC who specializes in self-awareness, mindfulness, and the spiritual dimension of being. Her goal is to help people improve their quality of life so they can experience inner peace, meaningful purpose, and fulfillment. Trina represents a movement focused on helping people release what limits them from transforming into awakened beings with a higher sense of spiritual consciousness.

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