Do you have negative thoughts or false beliefs that are holding you back? Take the Breaking Free Boundaries quiz free of charge and find out!

You are welcome to take the Breaking Free Boundaries Quiz at no charge. This quiz generally takes less than 5 minutes and will tell you whether you have negative thoughts or false beliefs that are weakening your personal boundaries. Your results are confidential and only seen by you.

To find out how healthy your relationships are with yourself, others & things in your life and if you would benefit from the Breaking Free Boundaries course, mark true the responses below that are mostly true for you. To ensure accuracy, it is important that you are very honest in your answers. Your answers need to reflect what is mostly true for you; NOT what you think is the best response.

When you are done, match your total points with the categories listed at the end of the quiz. Your results will also give you the percentage of your response that represented strong boundaries. In addition to the automatic results, you will also receive an email from me with more information about how you can experience greater balance in your relationships. Remember, there’s freedom in evaluating what we believe and creating a shift in perception.

I hate spam, so I promise to keep your email safe!

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